The Effective Support Windscreen

The Effective Support Windscreen illustrates how Universal, Early Help (Additional and Intensive) and Specialist services in Essex are provided and how support is made available at each level of need for children and young people and their families.

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Level 1

Personalised Universal Services

Level 2

Additional needs met by universal and targeted services working together, Shared Family Assessment not required but can be used

Level 3

Multi-agency approach required using Shared Family Assessment and Lead Professional or Family team response

Level 4

Specialist and high level interventions statutory process

The Children & Families Hub

  • Provides Advice and Guidance to the public and professionals looking for support at  Level 2 and Level 3,
  • is the referral pathway to request for support from Family Solutions (Level 3 Intensive Support) and
  • is the referral pathway for any safeguarding concerns at Level 4 (Specialist on the Effective Support Windscreen)

When you call 0345 603 7627 - please specifically ask for the Children & Families Hub and state if you are

  • a Member of the Public or
  • a Professional

Member of Public will speak to a Family Adviser who will discuss and identify with you the right services that will help to meet the family's needs.

Professionals will have to state if they call for

  • the Consultation Line (Social Worker will give advice but not record the call) or
  • the Priority Line (because an immediate response is necessary).

If the Family Adviser feels that there are Child Protection concerns that require Social Care involvement then they will complete a request with you.

You may also be asked to complete a form.

  • To access Family Solutions support you need to complete a Request For Support Form Read more.  
  • A  Process map has been created in order to help you understand the support you can access from the Children & Families Hub.

What’s New?

  • The Directory of Services has been updated and is now available as PDF.
  • The July 2018 Guidance for "Information sharing -Advice for practitioners providing safeguarding services to children, young people, parents and carers" by the UK Government has been added to the Request Support Page and also can also be accessed here.