Family Solutions

What is Family Solutions?

Engaging Families

Family Perspective

Working with Partners

Case Studies

The following case studies will help you understand how Family Solutions works with families to enable them to make sustainable changes to their lives. It will also highlight how these changes are made through working and liaising with a number of partners within Essex.


Boxing Course Case Study - December 2014

Boys Group - April 2014

Case Study Castle Point & Rochford - April 2014

Case Study Castle Point & Rochford - December 2014

Case Study West DV - May 2014

Case Study North EIP - June 2014

Case Study North DV - July 2014

Case Study NVR - March 2015

Mental Health Awareness Event in Harlow - April 2015

Family Solutions Criteria

Family Solutions will work with families who have two or more of the following difficulties described as Intensive in the Effective Support for Children and Families in Essex Guidance


Families with no member in work,

families with significant non-school attendance (for whatever reason),

families with members involved in crime or anti-social behaviour,

families affected by domestic violence,

families living with drug and alcohol misuse,

families where children are in need and were open to social care,

families where children exhibit significant behavioural difficulties,

families facing eviction or with significant rent arrears or neighbour disputes,

families with one or more member of the household with (Tier 2) mental health needs.

How to Request Support

To access Family Solutions support you need to complete a Request For Support Form - Read more