Level 1 - Universal

​Children and young people who make good overall progress in most areas of development and receive appropriate universal services, such as health care and education.  They may also use leisure and play facilities, housing or voluntary sector services.

Referral Route

Open access for all children and families to Level 1 services.



All children and families who live in the area have core needs such as parenting, health and education.


Services (examples)

Early years, education, primary health care, maternity services, housing, community health care, youth centres, leisure services. 


Children are supported by their family and in universal services to meet all of their needs.


Children and young people make good progress in most areas of development.

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Level 1

Personalised Universal Services

Level 2

Additional needs met by universal and targeted services working together, Shared Family Assessment not required but can be used

Level 3

Multi-agency approach required using Shared Family Assessment and Lead Professional or Family team response

Level 4

Specialist and high level interventions statutory process