Level 2 - Additional Needs

Children and young people whose needs require some extra support. A single universal or targeted service or two services are likely to be involved; these services should work together. A Team Around the Family meeting to share information and agree an Early Help Plan to support the child and family is helpful. No need for specialist services.


Referral Routes

One or more services provide voluntary additional support to meet the child and family needs. This is co-ordinated by a service that knows the child/family best.

An Early Help Plan and Team Around the Family meeting is helpful to bring the family and involved services together to share information and agree what support would be helpful.

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Individual agency internal routes to access additional supports or to request external services.


Children and families with additional needs who would benefit from or who require extra help to:

improve education, 

improve parenting and/or behaviour,

meet specific health or emotional needs of the child and/or parent,

improve their material situation and/or

respond to a short term crisis such as bereavement, parental separation.

Services (examples)

parenting support,

commissioned early help services,

school holiday and after school clubs,

extra health support for family members,

behavioural support,

housing support,

additional learning support,

Special Education Needs (SEN) Support plan,

help to find education and employment,

Emotional Wellbeing Mental Health Service support to schools,

Speech and language Therapy,

Family Hubs and/or

Targeted Youth Work Services provided on a voluntary basis.


The life chances of children and families are improved by offering early help and additional support.

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Level 1

Personalised Universal Services

Level 2

Additional needs met by universal and targeted services working together, Shared Family Assessment not required but can be used

Level 3

Multi-agency approach required using Shared Family Assessment and Lead Professional or Family team response

Level 4

Specialist and high level interventions statutory process