Level 3 - Intensive

Vulnerable Children. Children and young people whose needs are more complex. This refers to the range, depth or significance of the needs.  A number of needs have to be evident to indicate support at Level 3. More than one service is involved, using a Team Around the Family approach, Early Help Plan or Shared Family Assessment and a Lead Professional to co-ordinate multi-agency support. Family Solutions can support at this level and access is through the Children & Families Hub using a Request For Support form (RFS) -Read more.

Referral Routes

A multi-disciplinary / multi-agency Team Around the Family (TAF), led by a Lead Professional, shares information and co-ordinates intensive services and support to meet the child and family needs.

An Early Help Plan / Shared Family Assessment Family is necessary to set out how the family and involved services will work together to meet the child(ren)’s needs.


Individual agency internal routes to access intensive supports or Children & Families Request for Support form (RFS) to access Family Solutions.


Children and young people who are vulnerable or whose needs are more complex, such as children and families who:

have a disability resulting in complex needs,

exhibit anti-social or challenging behaviour,

suffer neglect or poor family relationships,

have poor engagement with key services such as school and health and/or

are not in education or work long-term.

Services (examples)

Because of the complexity of needs, especially around behaviour and parenting, a multi-disciplinary/ multi-agency co-ordinated plan developed with the family is needed, coordinated by a lead professional or family (key) worker. 

A wide range of services providing additional and intensive intervention might be involved in meeting the family’s needs.

Families needing substantial support to care for a disabled child.

Services are provided on a voluntary basis.


Vulnerable children and families likely to face impairment to their development and life chances will be supported by services to enable them to achieve.


Issues will be prevented from escalating into safeguarding concerns requiring statutory intervention.

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Level 1

Personalised Universal Services

Level 2

Additional needs met by universal and targeted services working together, Shared Family Assessment not required but can be used

Level 3

Multi-agency approach required using Shared Family Assessment and Lead Professional or Family team response

Level 4

Specialist and high level interventions statutory process