Level 4 - Specialist

​Children and young people whose needs are complex and enduring across many domains. More than one service is normally involved, with a co-ordinated multi-agency approach and a Lead Professional, commonly in a non-statutory role. At times statutory intervention may be required.

Referral Routes

Children`s Social Care, Child Protection Care Proceedings,

Youth Treatment Orders/ Custody Hospital in-patient,

Children & Families Request For Support form (RFS) - Read More,

Statutory notifications to Youth Offending Service and/or

Statutory health assessments.


Children and young people who have suffered or are likely to suffer significant harm as a result of abuse or neglect,

children with significant impairment of function/learning and/or life limiting illness,

children whose parents and wider family are unable to care for them,

families involved in crime and/or misuse of drugs at a significant level and/or

families with significant mental or physical health needs.

Services (examples)

Children’s Social Care, Youth Offending Service, 

Criminal Justice system,

Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Service,

Inpatient and continuing health care, 

Fostering and residential care,

Health care for children with life limiting illness and/or

Services for children with profound and enduring disability.


Without the intervention of specialist services, sometimes in a statutory role, Children and /or family members are likely to suffer significant harm/ removal from home/ serious and lasting impairment.

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Level 1

Personalised Universal Services

Level 2

Additional needs met by universal and targeted services working together, Shared Family Assessment not required but can be used

Level 3

Multi-agency approach required using Shared Family Assessment and Lead Professional or Family team response

Level 4

Specialist and high level interventions statutory process